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Real Estate Agent Protection and Safety

Real estate agents are in danger of workplace violence, let this class make you aware of the risks.

Service Description

In the 55-minute Real Estate Agent Protection & Safety, agents will learn the following: how to identify job-related activities that could lead to an attack; situational awareness techniques to help avoid potentially violent encounters; commonly used cell phone safety features and apps that could help keep agents safe; the criteria agents must meet before using reasonable or deadly force and the resulting consequences; and defensive options such as armed, unarmed, or less lethal techniques. This is an excellent opportunity for agents to enhance their safety and preparedness. Knowledge is power, develop yours today with us. Promoting safety training for professionals.

Upcoming Sessions

Cancellation Policy

Cancellation Policy All sales are final and non-refundable. Students may transfer to another class up to 16 hours prior to scheduled class, with the permission of class instructor, and will be held for another opportunity for the rescheduled event. All transfer requests must be done in writing. In the event that it is less than 16hrs notification for the class it will not be refunded.

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Lake County, FL, USA

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